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Great Shot-by-Shot Walk-Through By Mika

In this video, Mika Immonen runs a 10-ball rack and is “live commenting” on his thought process and position plans for each shot.  Love this type of stuff.  He describes the cue ball action he wants and the anticipated positions … Continue reading

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New Pool Website Project

I’ve been fiddling with a new pool-related website lately and thought I’d give my loyal reader(s) (hi mom!) a sneak peek.  Actually, it’s been “public” for a week or so, but not much is going on there yet.  Mostly it’s … Continue reading

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Top o’ the Ladder with Dramatic Win!

I am now the #1 in the pool ladder at work!  I beat the #2 guy a week or so ago, and since the #1 guy is out of town for a while, I somehow ended up at #1.  It … Continue reading

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Ladder Position Defended

Was challenged by #5 yesterday (I’m at #3 currently).  I started off very badly–I broke, made something on the break, then attempted a long back cut on a ball with the hopes of just parking it near the corner pocket … Continue reading

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Nine Ball

Played my first ever games of 9-ball yesterday with a coworker.  It’s a bit strange that I had never played before.  9-ball is the king of pro competition games, very popular.  I had never played in the past because I … Continue reading

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Ladder Update

Won again yesterday, 2-0.  It was an empty victory somewhat though because my opponent scratched on the 8-ball in the first game, which he deserved to win.  I did not play too well overall, partly because I was using a … Continue reading

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