I began playing pool many years ago during college.  Mostly on bar tables, which I have recently learned are known as “bar boxes” in the argot of pool aficionados.  Most bar boxes are “dirty bar boxes” due to their poor condition and upkeep.  Hence the name of this blog.

I used to play on such tables about every weekend while downing pitchers of beer with friends.  We’d put our quarters on the table and see how long we could hold the table against challengers and their quarters.

I only rarely ventured out to pool halls to play on larger cleaner tables.  But we did do that on occasion.  Returning to the bar tables after a few sessions at an 8 or 9 foot table ensured some easy victories–the bar tables seemed so small.

Then as I got older I stopped going to bars.  Stopped playing pool. Then I had kids, and I stopped doing anything unrelated to kids.  So there was a several year hiatus in my pool playing.  Every now and then I’d be somewhere where there was a table and I’d get to play a few games, and rekindle that interest.  But I never got any sustained playing time.

Then…I switched jobs, and the new office has a pool table in the break room!  I have since rediscovered my love of the game.  It’s an 8 ft table with nice blue cloth and generous pockets (it’s a C. L. Bailey “Addison” model).  I play as often as I can (usually 15-30 mins here and there several times a week).  Trying to get better.  Have played my first ever Straight Pool (“14.1 Continuous” officially) with a coworker who is very into 14.1, which used to be the king of tournament games (and has been supplanted by 9-ball, which I have yet to play).

Trying to figure out how to get better given my limited table time….


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  1. Papi says:

    And all the time you were in college I thought you were busy studying at UT!

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