Top o’ the Ladder with Dramatic Win!

I am now the #1 in the pool ladder at work!  I beat the #2 guy a week or so ago, and since the #1 guy is out of town for a while, I somehow ended up at #1.  It did not feel like I had really earned #1 yet though since I did not beat the #1 guy to get there (I had just lost to him a few days earlier, before he left town).  But today I was challenged by #2 and managed to hold my spot.  So now it’s official!

Started off rough.  I lost the first game handily.  I broke and made nothing.  My opponent shot and made a few balls, then missed and left me hooked deep in a corner pocket.  The only close ball for me to shoot at was blocked by the corner “horn” of the pocket, so I had to kick at another ball down table and missed.  So he had ball in hand and proceeded to clear the table for a quick win.  Next game he scratched shooting the 8 when I still had quite a few balls left, but he did not make the 8 on the shot so it was not a loss for him, and I had ball in hand.  I think I ran out after a few attempts, can’t remember, but ended up winning that game.  So down to the final game (we play best 2 out of 3), I broke…and ran out the table!  It’s the first time I’ve done that since one time many years ago on a bar table.  I played good position on all balls except screwed up on the 8 and sent the cue ball too far, going past the 8 and leaving a difficult cut on the 8 to get to the corner pocket.  I thought it was makeable, but a was a very steep cut and the cue ball had a good chance of scratching in the side pocket.  So I decided to carom the 8 off one of his balls, which reduced the cut angle and also eliminated the scratch possibility, and I made it for a dramatic win and the first table run in the pool ladder!  Approximate diagram of the shot on the 8 below:

8 ball carom into the corner pocket

8 ball carom into the corner pocket for the win!

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One Response to Top o’ the Ladder with Dramatic Win!

  1. Papi says:

    Luck beats skill every time!

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