Nine Ball

Played my first ever games of 9-ball yesterday with a coworker.  It’s a bit strange that I had never played before.  9-ball is the king of pro competition games, very popular.  I had never played in the past because I thought it was too hard since you have only one specific ball to shoot at on each shot–you must pocket the balls in sequence (unlike 8-ball where there are several balls to choose from on most shots).  Overall it was fun.  It’s a very fast game.  Neither of us ran out from the break (we’re not that good yet), but I did have one nice seven ball runout after getting ball in hand.

Also had one cool win where I had ball in hand shooting the 2-ball (my opponent had scratched on the 1-ball) with the situation pictured below (other balls not shown).  I employed a technique learned in Byrne’s 350 shots book.  I placed the cue ball where shown, right in line with the three other balls, and hit a medium soft stop shot.  The 2 bumped the 9, which bumped the 8 into the pocket, then the 9 followed it in (for the win!), and then the 2 even trickled in.  I never would have known this was possible had I not read Byrne’s book.

9-ball layout

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