Dirty Balls

Billiard Ball CleanerI’m curious what it is like to play with nice sparkly clean shiny balls.  I am not sure I have ever experienced that.  Every pool table I’ve played on has been a pretty well worn table as far as I can recall.  In my earlier playing “career”, I never paid any attention to such things as dirty balls.  But now that I’m more interested in pool than ever, I’m watching tournaments on TV (when they are on, not often enough) and online, and am seeing all this beautiful equipment–nice shiny balls, Diamond tables with Simonis cloth, etc.  (eg, take a look a the gleaming balls in the header of this pool blog…nice!).  And I don’t think I’ve ever experienced playing on equipment like that.  Wondering how clean balls affect the game.  I understand that grimy balls will “throw” more, etc.  I’ve even contemplated taking the balls at work and heading off to the bathroom to try and scrub them down…

Surely there is a pool hall in Austin that has some decent equipment.  So far, the ones I have visited seem to have the traditional beat up equipment and the ashtray bouquet typical of pool halls.  There are such things as commercial ball cleaners, but I wonder how many local pool halls have them and use them with any regularity.

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One Response to Dirty Balls

  1. p00lriah says:

    ola dbb. a lot of pool halls have ball cleaners, but depending on management they may not want to use it since cleaning chemicals cost money. (pretty sure bars don’t normally have them.) if you go to an actual pool hall, ask the counter person to clean the balls for you before you play.

    trigger is a blogger who’s knowledgeable about texas pool halls. post a comment on her blog and ask her where to play; she may have a few ideas.

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